YouTube Tutorial, Sign Up and Account Instructions Below

There is a SCW Clay Club SignUpGenius tutorial on YouTube. If you need to learn how to use the online sign up program, or would like a review, this is the place to start!

Sign Up to Work at the Club & Classes

 Click on ‘All Sign Ups’.

On the next page click on the tab you are interested in: Monitoring, Morning or Afternoon, or a Class description.

The next step may be different on computers, tablets and phones – sign ups have been set to ‘Calendar View’ in the paid version – if that option is not available – scroll down to the date.

Click on the day you want to sign up on.

Click on the ‘Sign Up’ box next to the area you want to work in – a check mark appears in the box.

In the bottom middle of the screen click on ‘Submit and Sign Up’.

On the next page, enter your information and click on ‘Sign Up Now’.

You will automatically be sent a confirmation for the area, time and date you signed up.

For classes, click on ‘All Sign Ups’. On the next page, click on the tab of the class you are interested in. Read the class description, instructions on how to sign up and the materials to bring to the class.


To Create a SignUpGenius Account

Since the clay club has purchased the paid version of SignUpGenius, it is okay to create your own SignUpGenius account.  If you create your own account you will be able to delete or change a reservation yourself (as long as you are logged in).  

If you create an account, please write down your password somewhere as the Education Committee has no access to your passwords if you happen to forget what it is.

Go to the clay club webpage (  It is a good idea to bookmark this page in your browser, save as a favorite, etc. Click on the SignUpGenius button in the top right menu (or if on a mobile device you may only see three lines, click to get a drop down list, click on SignUpGenius in the drop down list).  Choose All Sign Ups.

At the top right of the SignUpGenius page you will see LogIn, click on this and look down a bit to where it says New Account.  Click there and fill out the fields.  That’s all there is to it!

If you have any questions, please email